Minutes of Meeting

Sr. No.Minutes of MeetingLink for Report
01Minutes of IQAC Meeting 2016-17Click Here
02Minutes of IQAC Meeting 2017-18Click Here
03Minutes of IQAC Meeting 2019-20Click Here
04Minutes of IQAC Meeting 2020-21Click Here
05Minutes of IQAC Meeting 2021-22Click Here
06Minutes of IQAC Meeting 2022-23Click Here

Action Taken Report

Sr. No.Action Taken ReportLink For Report
01Action Taken Reports 2016-17 Click Here
02Action Taken Reports 2017-18 Click Here
03Action Taken Reports 2019-20 Click Here
04Action Taken Reports 2020-21 Click Here

Feedback collected & Analysis

Sr. No.Feedback CollectedLink For Report
01Feedback collected & analysis 2017-18Click Here
02Feedback collected & analysis 2021-22Click Here