1)Faculty Dr. Milind V. Gaikwad have published 18 national and inter national papers.


1) Faculty D r. Milind V. Gaikwad have published book entitled Biochemical Studies Of Supporting Cells In Fishes, First     Edition ISBN: 978-81-910762-9-5:CLICK HERE


1) Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata India no. L 15512

2) Life membership of Association of Zoologist (India) Ref. No. 19670

3) Life memberships – Zoological society of India. No. M-58

4) Annual membership of European Association of Fish Pathologist EAFP-2012015

5)National Teachers Organization in Life Sciences (NTOILS) as a Member of Organization for the session 2020-21.

6) Professional Membership For Institute of Scholors, (INS) Benguluru,Karnataka India

Award received: 

1) Gold Medal  winner  during  State level seminar on Environment & climate change & its impact on biodiversity at Mrs. Kesharbai Sonajirao Kshirsagar Alias Kaku, Department of Zoology, Arts , science & Commerce College , Beed-431122

2) Paper presented and got appreciation memento on scientific research in Fish-boidiversity, marketing and freshwater sources around Aurangabad M.S. INDIA. at 4th Vigyan Sancharak sammelan of 98th Indian Science Congress Association SRM  University, SRM Nagar Kattankulathur-603203 2011

3) Recipient of Ragiv Gandhi National Fellowship. (UGC-SRF).

4) National Teachers Organization in Life Sciences (NTOILS) as a Pioneer  Member.

5) Certificate of Appreciation, APH publishing corporation NEW DELHI; recognition for research contribution

6) Certificate of Appreciations, Shri Shivaji arts science and commerce college Motala Dist.Buldhana in recognition of invaluable contribution

7) Certificate of professional member, Institute of Scholars INS; Recognized as professional member.

8) Appreciations in international conference organized by Shivai Shikshan Sanstha Poladpur, Sundarao More college for contribution in International conference: Challenges and remedies due to pandemic:2021     

9) Letter of Appreciation received and IInd Prize Recipient by Department of Physics ,Shri. Shivaji Science and Arts College Chikli, dist. Buldhana-443302 for working as jury member to evaluate Innovative science projects dated 7/5/2022.


1) Protein profile in serum of freshwater fish Channa gachua (Ham. 1822) International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences ISSN 0975-6299 Vol. 3/Issue 1/Jan – Mar 2012 P.B628 –B-633. (2011) *Indexed in Elsevier Bibliographic Database ICV Value is 4.63 and Impact Factor is 0.47.

2) Significance of supporting cell of male gonad in reproduction of freshwater fish labeo kontiu a scientific awareness about reproduction M.V. Gaikwad1, D.K. Hiwarale2, P.M Davne, J.P.Sarode3, S.L. Gaikwad1, S.J.Kawade1, V.R.More4, D.L. Sonawne1, Andy.K.Khillare1ISSN 0975-6299   Vol. 2/Issue 3/Jul-Sept. 2011 International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences

3) Steroids study in freshwater fish Ophiocaephalus during pre-mature, matured and spawning by enzyme assay based Chemiluminescence technology. Published in Inte. Jou. of Bio-eng. Sci. and tech. Vol.02, p. 91-98. ISSN: 6483 indexing  in process –EMBASE, EmCARE, Electronic and Comunicating Abstract, SCIRUS, SPARC, GOOGLE DtabaseEBSCO,Newjour, Woldcat, DOAJ and other major databases

4) Study on Bioaccumulation of Linden in various Tissue of Channa gachua from Aurangabad,     

District ,World Journal of  Zoology 4(2), 148-152-2009. ISSN 1817-3098 IDOSI Publication 2nd   Author.

5) Survey logical Study Of Freshwater Fish-Markets And Their Major Resources In Aurangabad (Ms)-A Social Awareness accepted for publication in Zoologist Association journal Pune (AZI) ISSN 2229-6549 Journal of Association of Zoologists, India. Vol. 2(1) P. 44- 50 (2012)

6Feeding and growth patterns in three freshwater fishes from river Godavari in Maharashtra M.V. Gaikwad, S.L.Gaikwad, D.K.Hiwarale, P.M. Davne, T.S. Pathan, V.R. More* D. L. Sonawane and Y.K.Khillare published in Recent Research in Science and Technology 2009. Recent Research in Science and Technology 2009, 1(5):P. 223–234 ISSN: 2076-5061 www. Marine and Aquatic Biology.

7) Gonadal development and differentiation of germ cells during larval growth of Cyprinus carpio S.L. Gaikwad, T.S. Pathan*, M.V. Gaikwad, P.M. Davne, D.K. Hiwrale, Y.K. Khillare Department of Zoology, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad- 431 004. India Journal of Ecobiotechnology 1/1: 012-015, 2009 ISSN 2077-0464

8) Study on Gonado-Somatic and Fecundity relationship in air breathing fish Channa gachua (Ham) from Godavari near Aurangabad.Gaikwad M.V. Shingare S.M. Gaikwad S.L. Hiwarale D.K. and  Khillare Y.K Department of zoology, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad.Published in African journal of basic and applied science. African Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences 1 (3-4): P. 59-61, 2009 ISSN 2079-2034 © IDOSI Publications, 2009

9) Study on Length-Weight Relationship in two freshwater fishes, Channa gachua (Ham.) and Rasbora daniconius (Ham.) Gaikwad M.V. Shingare S.M. Gaikwad S.L. Hiwarale D.K. and Khillare Y.K Department of Zoology, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad. During the proceeding of international conference on technologies for mitigation of environmental pollution and their application in conservation of aquatic ecosystem. The Ecoscan P.133-138

10) Hormonal study in freshwater fish Channa gachua (Ham-1822) during premature, mature, spawning by enzyme assay based Chemiluminescence technology, vol. 6(2) April. 2015 P.,B440-B445 ISSN 0975-6299 *Indexed in Elsevier Bibliographic Database ICV Value is 4.63 and Impact Factor is 2.890

11) Temperature effect on gonads in fresh water fish Cyprinus Carpio in Asian Journal of Biological and Life Sciences, Jan- April-327-2015.

12) Morphological Study and Role of Gonad Cells in Freshwater Fish- Reproduction Int. J. Life. Sci. Scienti. Res., VOL 2, ISSUE 2, pp: X-X (ISSN: 2455-1716) Impact Factor 2.4  

13) MAKING OF NATIVE ANIMAL VARIETIES A NEED OF FUTURE International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Vol. 24, Issue 06, 2020 ISSN: 1475-7192 Received: 22 Sep 2019 | Revised: 13 Oct 2019 | Accepted: 15 Jan 2020 1614

14) PRESENT SCENARIO OF LONAR CRATER M.S. INDIA. Studies in Indian Place Names (UGC Care Journal) ISSN: 2394-3114 Vol-40-Issue-56-March -2020 P a g e | 1167 Copyright â“’ 2020 Authors

15) STUDY ON ECOLOGY OF LONAR CRATER-CONCEPT AND SCOPE ,National E-Conference on Management, Commerce, Science & Technology 

16) STUDY ON ECOLOGY OF LONAR CRATER-CONCEPT AND SCOPENational E-Conference                on Management,Commerce, Science & Technology -2020

17) Study on Ecology Concept and Scope of Lonar Crater-M.S. India EDU CARE, A Multidisciplinary             International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Journa ISSN:2319-5282 VOL.IX  ISSUE.02  2020

18)  Study on Lonar Crater the unique ecosystem, Eastern Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences (EJABS) publishes peer-reviewed, original research and review articles related to general biology and agriculture. AJABS aims to provide a valuable platform for researchers, scientists, and experts to share leading and innovative research. pp 8-12 vol.1 issue-2 (2021) BY QABAS CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INDONESIA

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