Placed Students

Students Progression

Institute continuously motivates the students to Higher Education in the concerned subject as well as Institute focuses on the holistic development of students. As a result, many students of our students have secured jobs in Government and Private sector, and most of the students are motivated toward Higher Education from session 2017-18 and onwards.

Sr.NoName of StudentHigher Education Remark
01Vinayak Shivaji MapariM.Sc. Physics 
02Ku. Nikita R. MarotheM.Sc. Mathematics 
03Ku. Kranti S. MapariM.Sc. Mathematics 
04Ku. Pooja B. MukirM.Sc. Physics 
05Ku. Priti R. DipkeM.Sc. Mathematics 
06Ku. Ashwini R. PradhanM.Sc. Statistics 
07Ku. Ratnamala B. KokateM.Sc. Mathematics 
08Nitin G. JadhaoM.Sc. Comp. Sci. 
09Ku. Rakhi S. BanmeruM.Sc. Comp. Sci. 
10Ku. Sajeda J. GawliM.Sc. Physics 
11Samadhan S. AdhaoM.Sc. math 
12Ku. Rachna D. JoshiM.Sc. Physics 
13Ku. Ashvini V. KedarB.Ed. 
14Ku. Namrata S. MapariM.Sc. Physics 
15Ku. Pratiksha P. JainM.Sc. Mathematics 
16Ku. Sapna S. TanpureM.Sc. Physics 
17Ku. Jyoti V. KendreM.Sc. Physics 
12Ku. Pratiksha F. VyasM.Sc. Electronics 
13Nihal R. AgrawalM.Sc. Electronics 
14Vishal A. RathodM.Sc. Electronics 
15Ayesha Aqsa SidhhaqueM.Sc. Botany 
16Madhuri N. JadhaoM.Sc. Botany 
17Marzeena Parveen RaisM.Sc. Botany