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As beautiful feather on the head of peacock, as the diamond on the head of snake Mathematics shines on the top of all shastras.

Mathematics is the Science that deals with the logic of shape ,quantity &arrangement. Math is all around us, in everything we do. It is building block for everything in our daily lives, including mobile devices ,architecture, art, money, engineering and even sports. Math help us in better problem  skills .Math is important because it is the most widely use subject in the world. Every career uses some sort of mathematics. More importantly, doing math helps the mind to reason and organized complicated situations or problems into clear ,simple and logical steps. 

 Career options for B.Sc. Mathematics Students:

Apart from the traditional career route of academics and research, there are many career options offer for B.Sc. Mathematics students that can pick up banking, corporate, accounting and even teaching as their career option on completion of B.Sc. Mathematics, even a career in medicine and law is possible for Mathematics Honors student. Also, a degree with Mathematics is even financially supporting for students because they help in landing placement opportunities by giving an edge over students with B.Sc. physics or other major. After completing B.Sc. Mathematics, a student can either decide to go for higher studies or apply for jobs. In the case of B.Sc. Mathematics Honors, both the options are very promising. After the B.Sc. Mathematics course, students can purse M.Sc. Mathematics and follow it up with an M. Phil or Ph.D. Students can become a mathematician doing research and also become a assistant professor. Also students can pursue a B. Ed. and become a school teacher. Moreover, student can work in related field which required mathematical skills (Machine learning, Data Science etc.). Thus, there exist innumerable B.Sc. Mathematics career options. The best way to get a prestigious government job is through competitive exams. Exams like UPSC, Railways, and Commission etc. are some important competitive exams that one need to consider as portals for B.Sc. Mathematics career options.

Mathematics Course Structure

Sem 1   Algebra & Trigonometry

              Differential  & Integral Calculus

Sem 2   Vector Analysis & Geometry

              Differential Equation :Ordinary & Partial

Sem 3    Advance Calculus

               Elementary Number Theory

Sem 4   Modern Algebra

             Element of Classical Mechanics

Sem 5   Mathematical Analysis

             Mathematical methods     

Sem 6   linear Algebra

             Special Theory of Relativity(optional)

             Graph Theory (optional)

Programme outcome, Programme specific outcome and Course outcome

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