Welcome to Late Ku. Durga K. Banmeru Science College, Lonar

Lonar is the tourist spot in Buldhana district of Maharastra state. Lonar having the crater of hypervelocity meteorite impact like Bosmatvi (Africa), Labrador (New Cubek) but as the water in Lonar crater lake is salty, it is unique in world. Lonar crater is originated in the basaltic rock, it also provide uniqueness to crater. Recently, research on its geology on line with Barrington Crater in Arizona (USA) by Geological survey of India with foreign collaboration confirmed meteorite impact on its origin. The site of Lonar crater having astronomical as well as Geological importance. The rocks of Lonar crater the certain similarities with rocks, which were found on Moon. Recent study of NASA reveals that rocks of Lonar crater are similar to the rocks of Planet Mars, rocks of the Lonar crater are light weighted & show magnetic properties. Morphologically Lonar crater divided into ejecta blanket, crater rim, crater floor. Lonar crater is ecological, geological & phytogeographical wonder. 


Our Vision & Mission

Vision :
"अमृतं तु विद्या ! विज्ञानं यज्ञ तनुते !!" (Knowledge is nectar, specialized knowledge promotes creativity). The main source of ideology and value framework of the college lies in the slogan “Be less curious about people and more curious about the ideas” this inspiring thought is of the great noble prize winner researcher Marie Curie.


President's Message

Smt. Usha Tarachand Gole

Amrut Sevabhavi Sanstha, parbhani is working with purely social agenda. All the members of the society are working in various fields came together and established this society under the president ship of Dr. Prakash K. Banmeru. They have broadminded and multidimensional views behind establishment of the society. Society brought its objectives into existence. From 1998 society never looks back. It is continuously working for serving the people by providing them facilities of higher science education, health services, environmental protection and women empowerment.

Principal's Message

Dr. Prakash K. Banmeru

Change is the rule of the nature and according to that everything is going into process of change. Past is always far away from the present. In the present age the most important thing is the education in human life. Swami Vivekananda says, “Education is that which makes man as human”. Our college is also follows this thought. Before 15 years ago Amrut sevabhavi sanstha, parbhani has taken initiative to start this college for the pupil of needy people of average income group, farmers and labors. This college is dedicated to our beloved sister late Ku. Durga Banmeru. Today this college is completing its 15 yrs of growth.

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