Course available

B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science)

Subject group available
  • Computer Science-Physics-Electronics
  • Computer Science-Physics-Mathematics
About the Subject

Computer Science is the scientific and practical approach to computation and it’s applications . It is the systematic study of the feasibility, structure, expression and mechanization of the methodical procedure (or algorithm) that underlie the Acquisition, representation, processing, storage , communication of and access to information, weather such information is encoded as bits in computer memory or transcribed in genes and protein structures in a Biological cell.

An alternate , more succinct definition of Computer Science is the study of Automating algorithm process that scale. A computer scientist specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems.

It’s subfields can be divided into a variety of theoretical and practical disciplines. Some fields , such as computational complexity theory are highly abstract, while fields such as computer graphics emphasis real-world visual applications. Still other field focus on the challenges is implementing computation.

For example,
Programming, Theory considers various approaches to the description of computation, while the study of computer programming itself investigation various aspects of the use of programming language and complex systems

Human-Computer Interaction :-
Considers the challenge in making computers and computations useful, usable and universally accessible to humans.

* Strength
  • Collaboration among faculty and students.
  • Healthy teacher - student relation
  • Well educated, well experienced faculty.
* Weakness

Students with good academic rank or percentage prefer technical subjects such as computer science. So the students admitted to this department are either slow learner or low meritorious.

* Opportunities

Students are encouraged to take up higher studies along with necessary help is provided for taking admission. Proper counseling is made for them.

* Challenges

Most of the Students belong to villages and from farmer’s families; therefore regularity of students is satisfactory, not the best. It affects their studies. To overcome on this problem is a challenge. To develop punctuality in them is also a challenge.

* Future Plan
  • To get recognition as Research Laboratory through university. Thus increase research activity in department.
  • To organize National level conference on recent trends in research Computer Science.
  • To run the minor and Major research project in the department.
Course Structure
Courses in Semester I

Computer Fundamental and C Programming

Courses in Semester II

Data Structure and Advance C

Courses in Semester III

Object - Oriented Programming with C++ and Web Technology

Courses in Semester IV

Advance C++ and Web Designing

Courses in Semester V

RDBM and Visual Basic

Courses in Semester VI

PL/SQL and Advanced Visual Basic


No special research facility is available for UG students.

As a part of curriculum projects topic were search by the students in particular awarded topics.

Sr No Name of the System Quantity Configuration
1. HCL System 05 System: Microsoft XP Professional version 2002 Service pack 2
Computer: Intel[R] Pentium D CPU 3.00GHz, 256MB RAM and 160 GB hard disk
2. Lenovo system 05 System: Microsoft XP Professional version 2002 Service pack 2
Computer: Intel[R] Pentium Duel core, CPU 2.00GHz, 256MB RAM and 80 GB hard disk
3. Circle System 10 System: Microsoft XP Professional version 2002 Service pack 2
Computer: Intel[R] Pentium D CPU 2.00GHz, 1 GB RAM and 160 GB hard disk
4. Zenith System 01 System: Microsoft XP Professional version 2002 Service pack 2
Computer: Intel[R] Pentium CPU 2.00GHz, 128MB RAM and 40 GB hard disk
5. LED Monitor 06 “19.5” inch LED monitor iball company
6. Modem 02 Iball bottom 300M wireless NADSCL2+3G router
7. Dot Matrix Printer 01 Wipro EX 200+ Dot matrix Printer
8. Laser Printer 01 Laser printer
9. Antivirus 05 Net Protector
10. UPS 05 600 VA iball company
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