Purchase Committee. (2014-2015)

Sr. No. Name Designations
1 Dr. Prakash K. Banmeru (Principal) Chairperson
2 Dr.Sunil D.Dabhadkar Member
3 Prof.Suryakant B. Borul Member
4 Prof. Sharique S. Shaikh Member
5 Dr.Millind V. Gaikwad Member
6 Mr.Kamalakar K.Wavhal Member
7 Mr. Ramesh V. Mapari Member

Purchase Committee (2015 - 16)

Sr. No. Name Designations
1 Sau. Usha T. Gole President
2 Dr. Prakash K. Banmeru (Principal) Secretary
3 Dr. Milind V. Gaikwad Member
4 Mr. Suryakant B. Borul Member
5 Mr. Sharique S. Shaikh Member
6 Mr. Jitendra R. Dange Member


  • To scrutinize the budget estimate plan and for cast the material requirement of various programmes and projects of the department lab equipment at the beginning of financial year.
  • To review and set purchase policies on requirement of material from time to time.
  • To fix maximum and minimum limit for stores where necessary.
  • Quotations shall be opened by any three different companies.
  • Purchas of equipment at low cost and quality materials.
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